Monday, July 29, 2013


Everything we have read about raising a child overseas says that having a sense of roots and home are very important. It is for that reason that we bought this house years ago. I love that we are back in our house in Port Townsend this summer after a year of not being here, and we are settling back into the house little by little. Sojo is awash in memories and happiness. We spend every morning going to our favorite bakery to get danish bites, Sojo's favorite food of summer. Here's a little trip down memory lane--I have all the photos except for the year she was 4. Love that I have taken this photo most summers.
age 2, the year we discovered danish bites

age 3, munching away again

age 4, i only have her skipping on the way to get danish bites. darn!

age 5, we made a special trip over get danish bites!

age 6, happy to be close enough for daily runs! 

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Treasures for the future! NieNie