Saturday, July 20, 2013


We have this game that Sojo always plays the minute we arrive at a hotel. I think it started with one of those hotel note pads, but the game is called Principal. The premise is basically that I am the bad kid who gets called to the principal's office for some horrible offense that ranges from stealing someone's snack to pushing someone off the swing. Sojo is the principal, and every time I lie about what I did (I am forced to lie each time or else the game isn't fun to her), she shows me a pretend video of me being caught in the act. It goes on and on and on and on and on, but it takes up time in the hotel if we can't go anywhere. 

This last time in Spain, I asked her to make a sign for her office.* This is what she came up with.** It is worth mentioning that I have zero idea where she got the idea that principals are these horrible people. She has had only lovely people in her principal experience, but I guess it wouldn't be a funny game if the principal were nice. 

Here she is reading off my offenses from her notebook. There were so many...

*Is it me or does it look like the principal is giving the finger to the troubled child? Yikes!

**Way to rock the correct use of an apostrophe! Makes me proud!

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