Thursday, July 11, 2013

Museum Blahs

As Dale is in class everyday from 9-1, Sojo and I are trying to do various things to explore the city without melting in the heat.

Our big outing was going to the contemporary museum. A purchase of some new art supplies and a Moleskine notebook were our preparations for the day--there were visions of us sitting in the museum, sketching what we loved and being fully inspired.

This is really what happened. Sojo is trying to show just how boring the museum was with her expression. She's dead-on.

The grounds were beautiful as it was an 18th century monastery, but none of the permanent collections were open (huh? The biggies were only open on the weekends for some reason), and of the travelling exhibits that were open, this is how they went:

Behind Door #1 (literally, the exhibits were in different rooms with doors): 

A bunch of buckets on the floor filled with cement grapes. Sojo was sure they were filled with poop and was properly befuddled by the artistic nature of this. I had to convince her they were grapes. Needless to say, we did not plop down with our art supplies and feed our inspiration.

Door #2: 

We had talked ahead of time how the human form is often drawn naked in art, and she was down with that. However, when I opened door #2, let's just say there were a large amount of drawings of solely the male human form, and one particular part of the male form. Whoa! An entire room full of you-know-what. We skipped that one but giggled about it later. 

Door #3: 

A photography exhibit by a Chilean woman with a sign outside warning that perhaps some people might be offended by some of the images. We decided to skip that one, and besides, Sojo was kind of freaked out at this point and found the sound of the door opening to be "creepy" anyway. 

Door #4:

There was one small exhibit of some surrealistic paintings that were ok. But, at this point, we were more than ready to abandon ship. I tend to constantly put a positive spin on stuff, but even I was ready to head out. 

At least they had some cool tiles. But, really, so does all of Sevilla. 

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

What a shame, but sometimes things go like that. I am sure it will be a story told through the ages.