Friday, July 12, 2013

Magic Island

We found an amusement park within walking distance of our apartment, so Sojo and I went to check it out the other day. She is just above the height line for big kid rides, so we dared to try a log ride called the Anaconda. It was hilarious to watch her ride that line between sheer terror and sheer glee. After we got off, we saw our photo from the ride, and we could not stop laughing. From the tendons in my neck jutting out because of my screams to her hands over her eyes, it was the perfect snapshot of her first scary ride.

Then we did this thing. We thought it looked really cool, but it was like being trapped in a sauna and neither of us could stand up at all. I motioned to the guy to get me OUT as I was feeling claustrophobic.  Shortly after that, we called it a day. 

What I really want to do all day is take photos of her in front of graffiti and the most amazingly colored walls, but she is totally done with that. 

Off to Madrid on the train this afternoon. We'll spend the night there before taking off for the US tomorrow morning. Adios, Espana! 

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

I hope she isn't too tired of photos with that beautiful smile, cause I am needing a lot of shots to hold me over. I love the photos you have taken. You have captured her joy and beauty in everyone. See you soon...