Sunday, July 07, 2013

Flamenco in Sevilla

gorgeous facade of the apartments!

One of the things we love about living in the Middle East is that most stopovers take place in Europe. We are taking full advantage of exploring Europe by taking a few days on either side of our summer trip, just like we did in December. This time, it's five days in Sevilla, Spain, for Dale to take a flamenco guitar class and an advanced Spanish class as well. Coincidentally, when I was booking an apartment, the one I liked the best was just a few doors down from the flamenco school.

So...after a total of 22 hours of travel time to get here, we are settling into our apartment for the week. It's tiny (I had to laugh at the size of the dishwasher--it's the size of some trash compacters in the US!) and adorable and perfect for what we need. Best of all, it has A/C as the temps are sky high and just as hot as Saudi. The whole street is as quaint as can be, but we have to wait for the sun to go down a bit to go and explore. Sojo is already a happy girl because the mom and pop store right next to the apartment has homemade bread she can eat. She's so easy like that.

of course, we are all in love with the color of the apartment.

a little game of war to pass the time
While Dale is having fun with his other two loves, guitar and Spanish, his main loves will be hitting some museums, an amusement park, and maybe even a movie if it's too hot. 

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