Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fine Arts Night

Our school hosts an evening of fine arts where all the students from kindergarten to 7th grade actually create art in the gym while parents and others walk around and watch them. It's pretty darn cool, especially for a kid who lives and breathes art. Poor Sojo got sick the night before, so we stayed home from school and rested all day (and watched movies and ate tons of what she calls 'sick popsicles' that are really Pedialyte pops) just so she would be okay for the evening.

And ok she was. Whew! Then she got really nervous and started doing all these weird zombie eye things to compensate for her nervousness. That went on until the artwork began.

It was really a beautiful night, watching all these kids working away on being creative. I started thinking of Sojo years from now, doing various art projects and getting more and more passionate about art. Here she is doing her Vincent Van Gogh inspired piece of work. 

Since our whole family is often found wearing funky hats, I thought we needed a family artsy photo to remember the evening. It might appear to simply be an excuse to have my fabulous yellow shoes showcased, but we also need a new family photo. We don't often dress up, so it was a must! 

The highlight of the evening for Sojo (besides sitting next to her buddy Umar and cracking him up doing the zombie eyes) was having her very favorite 6th grade girl, Nabila, come to watch her doing her artwork. I believe the beaming is evident in this photo. 

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

That zombie eyed artist girl cracks me up and so does her mother with the funky yellow shoes