Friday, May 10, 2013

Sneak Peek

A certain cutie will be dancing for our International Fair evening this week, and she was practicing today.

Best part--it's a Bollywood dance! She is mentally preparing for wearing a halter top and skirt, which is completely out of her current comfort zone. So far, no freak outs about that, but there are still a few days left. At least she is stoked about wearing a bindi.

This afternoon, I snuck into her practice today and took some shots. Sometimes she was right on cue and other times she was doing the exact opposite. Who cares?! It's so cute!

1 comment:

Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

I sure hope you have the camera rolling for this. I cannot wait to see it. One of the things I miss most is moments like this to see it up close and personal. We will be there in spirit with the biggest smiles and applause around.