Friday, May 03, 2013

A Reading Family

I hosted the first of hopefully many Books & Dessert evenings at our house the other night, and it was such fun (and yummy!). It's a casual type of book club where you bring a book from your shelf that you can lend. Sojo usually attends the beginning of the evening when we talk about what book we brought and why it is so great. She shared her book about chameleons ("it's a learning book and a not-learning book"), and one of our kindergarten teachers decided to take it home and share it with her boys.

But the best part was the sign she worked on with Dale upstairs. She paraded around the guests and shared the reading love.

When she headed to bed, she wanted to put the sign in her bedroom window, with the words facing the street. That way, in her words, "everyone will know we are a reading family." Swoon. That kind of stuff just makes me so happy. 

The following morning, she added a cool detail. The bookworm is reading a book called Wonder, which is an upper elementary/middle school book that is absolutely life-changing. I'm guessing Dale and I talk about it a lot since Sojo said to me, "See--the bookroom is even reading Wonder." 

Oh, and I'm sneaking in a photo of our new sunshine yellow wall in the living room. I am completely distracted in life and want to do nothing more than just stare at it. It's so beautiful and bold! 

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