Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Toothless Window of Time

I can't seem to get enough of photos of this toothless girl. The front tooth is starting to come in, so I am taking extra photos to remember this time. Plus, I had her laughing like crazy at the beach yesterday to get some great shots with my new camera. 

She got right up in my face for this one, and it cracked me up. Such a beautiful girl. 


Dyann said...

In a book I was reading today, one of the characters quoted Tolkien with "Not all those who wander are lost". Made me smile and smile and think of you. :)

I love Sojo's toothless smile. In our household, we've got Clara in braces, and Trev who has apparently inherited my enormous choppers. :) The better to smile with, my dear....

Anonymous said...

great pics, love that smile! You will probably want some of that heat here but it is in the 70's this week and the sum is out! love Nie Nie