Friday, April 12, 2013

Back 2 Bangkok

Many months ago, we decided that heading back to Bangkok for our spring vacation would be the best idea for our family to give some closure to that time in our lives. That being said, it is always bittersweet and a little bit weird going back somewhere--everyone is the same but a bit different, things have moved on but also stayed the same. Such is the nature of the nomadic life. 

The airport was a whopping 3 hour drive to Bahrain, but we had enough time for a stop at the mall. Sojo picked up a pair of fabulous polkadot glasses and a pocketwatch. Seemingly random, but she has been talking about them for months now and is quite fascinated with things that are old-fashioned. 

This whole trip was about reconnecting, so the relaxing part of Thailand had to stay in our memories. Sojo spent the morning as a kindergartener at our old school while Dale and I caught up with friends. We even got to borrow our old golf cart and went to lunch at Sojo's favorite restaurant. And our first family foot massage where Sojo had the hugest grin on her face for about 5 minutes straight, until she conked out. It was adorable!

Overall, it was a great trip. The best part was seeing good friends and watching Sojo interact with the kids she grew up with. The bummer part was that Sojo had numerous allergic reactions to food and hotel sheets because of the high dustmite count, so we gave her more Benadryl in the last five days than we have in the last five months. The desert suits us on many levels, but Sojo's good health is the best part of it all. 

Well, that and the camels. 

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Anonymous said...

It is always good to re-connect. Can't wait for your Tucson re-connection in the summer. So glad it was a good trip, filled with good times and good friends and good memories.

Love, Mom, aka, Popp