Saturday, March 02, 2013

Rock Climber

We have this pretty amazing climbing wall in our school gym. It's new this year and looks like a ton of fun. So, when our friend let us know he was having some kids join him this weekend for a bit of climbing, we hustled on over.

In Sojo's words--"It's fun to watch but then when you go up, it's scary so you want to come down. But then you want to go up and try again."

She did go up and down a few times, and she held her own quite well for the first time. I love seeing Dale's baba hands in the corner of the picture...always at the ready to protect his girl.

Eek!! That hair is a bit out of control (mine, too!). After her bath last night, this mama took some scissors and chopped off about 4 inches of hair. I am fairly sure she has not had a trim since Bangkok, which was many, many months ago. Oops.

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Anonymous said...

She is braver than her Popo. I just can't get over how she has grown. She is long and lean and brave. Love you sweet, strong, brave, long and lean Sojo.

Love, Popo