Friday, March 08, 2013

On a Mission

Making the trip to Khobar to restaurants and malls and IKEA is about two hours from here, so it's a whole day affair when we do it. We've been trying to carve out a day for a while now, and finally we had a free day to make the journey. Only problem was it was the same day as a pretty big shamal/sandstorm. We decided not to let that stop us, and we headed out into a sand adventure. Both of us love the look of sand wisping across the road, but the taste of it in your mouth is not so great.

Our big mission was to head to Toys R Us because Sojo has been saving her money for months now to buy a really big Chewbacca toy. Since it was pretty expensive, she was to save half and we would give her the other half. Thanks to some chores and a Chinese New Year hong bao, she finally made it (it was tougher than I thought to get that girl to work for money--she's been spoiled by nannies and maids for too long!) I truly can't believe that they had a Chewbacca doll there, and there was only one. We had prepared her for being disappointed, but instead it was pure glee! 

This photo is at Applebee's restaurant. I get a kick out of the 'drink menu' in a dry country. The salads aren't quite the same as the US, but it's pretty good. 

Driving back home was more fun because of our new friend, and we wound up stopping to see a rogue camel on the highway being chased by his herder. They are in the median here---we do have paved roads! 

I had to have a photo with camels and the colorful head scarf today. Plus, Sojo had to pee and was almost blown away getting out of the car! 

And the piece de resistance--new P.E. shoes. Golden, of course.

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