Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fab & Funny

Sojo is doing all sorts of fabulous and funny things of late. 

1. They are working on sounding out words at school, so she has transferred this to her daily language. Often, she'll say things like, "Mama, can I have some Rah-Meh-Nuh Nuh-OO-duh-el-z?" and sounds out each word. That's ramen noodles, by the way, her current favorite food with zero nutritional value. 

2. When she reads alone in bed and gets stuck on a word, she'll shout, "Mama!! P-L-A-Y?" My job is to yell back what the word is. It sounds like a cheer and is adorable.

3. After seeing our school play, she gets air quotes and is overusing them like crazy. It's hilarious as we joke around about what a "great listener" she is or what a "fun trip" that was.

4. More teeth are falling out and the front one is hanging by a thread. Thankfully, the tooth fairy remembered to take the tooth out of the box this time. Oops! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that girl is a hoot. I love her so much and miss her sweet smile up close and personal. Starting to count the days til summer.

Love, Mom, aka, Popo

Anonymous said...

what a delightful young lady! Hopefully the tooth fairy was a good fairy! Love Nie Nie