Saturday, March 30, 2013

China Reunion on the Gulf

Our school/company has 4 different compounds in eastern Saudi Arabia, and we headed out to the beachside camp to visit some old friends that we worked with in China. Linda was our Chinese teacher in China, and she helped us translate all the information about Sojo when it arrived in Chinese.

Six years have passed since we saw each other, and it was lovely spending the day on the beach and meeting their son for the first time. I love how paths cross over and over again overseas. And that Gulf water is so blue and green and gorgeous. I had no idea we would be at the beach more in Saudi than we were in Thailand!

And our best camel experience yet! A family was crossing the highway (like, a main highway that tons of trucks use! aaaghhh!!) and so we had to slow down enough to let them cross. The babies were adorable!