Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where Happy Lives

I love everything about Etsy--giving artists a space to sell their work, buying something that feels authentic and love and overall artist support. This morning, I am home with Sojo as she is still sick. But not the kind of sick where she is miserable, just the kind that makes napping on the couch somewhat glorious while giving mama a chance to surf blogs and tidy up and buy a sweet print like this for our house here in Saudi. 

Hoping against hope that it makes it here. This is my first time trying to send something to our mail here, and it's not on the forbidden list of what you can't send, so I'm feeling optimisitic! I have the perfect place for it to go--right above our bird hooks in the entryway. Because I do think that happy lives here. And I'm so glad it does.

What is making Sojo happy right now is Star Wars. We are slowly making our way through the movies (very hard to move away from super duper innocent movies for us) and she said to us the other night,

"When I have a son, I'm going to name him Luke Skywalker...or Zoinks." Of course you will. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds so funny to hear you talking about Star Wars. Is this the original ones that you kids watched years ago?

Yes, Happy definitely lives in your house.

Love, Mom