Monday, February 25, 2013

So Much Better

Oh, this kid makes us smile. This is her favorite tree on campus (mine, too!) and we stopped one afternoon for a little photo shoot. She looks so darn happy. 

Life in the desert has been so very good for her eczema, and with the removal of dairy, egg and soy (darn that soy that is in EVERYTHING!), she is keeping right on track and having little trouble at all. I think back to just a short 18 months ago when we thought we thought we could not even send her to school because her skin was so very bad. Those were some dark times for all of us, with little sleep and lots of heartache.  All that is becoming a distant memory now (the relief of even being able to write that sentence makes me want to weep copiously) and we are even at the point where she can have a slice or two of cheese pizza and still be ok. You wouldn't believe how much joy cheese pizza brings her. We should all approach life with the amount of joy she gets from cheese pizza. 

The only downside to the desert is that her asthma was a bit worse at the start. The dust particles are very fine here, and sand is everywhere. However, we have a great doctor here who has her on twice daily meds, and even the asthma is under control. 

So much to be grateful for in life. Always. Our world is brighter with Sojo feeling so healthy and itch-free. Up until the last month or so, she has worn socks on her hands each night so as to prevent her from scratching. We are now sock-free and skintastic! 


Cathleen Cherry said...

Oh, I am so happy that she is well. And the fact that she (& her momma) have a favorite tree is delightful. I confess to having many, many favorite trees.

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to see her doing so well ... sock free. Yeah:)

Love, popo