Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Party Crasher

Sojo was a kid born for show-and-tell. Well, most kids are, but really and truly, she has collections of the most random things that are perfect for sharing. Since her class does not do show-and-tell, she has taken to crashing my class to do it. She gets out earlier than my afternoon K4 class, so this gives her time to pop in and share whatever she has brought that week. My students adore Sojo, and they don't mind one bit that she has a Saturday show-and-tell date with us (weird that we have school on Saturdays, but our weekends are Thursday and Friday here).  Many times, I think she believes she is too cool and big for the K4 Cuties, but we love her anyway.

A while back, she brought her super huge Angry Bird. When you finish sharing, you can answer a few questions (they are always, "Where do you keep it? High or low? Do you play with it all the time?--such is the 4 year old mind). She is hilarious with her answers and her impatience for anyone talking while she is presenting. A tough cookie, this one, but a show-and-tell junkie for sure. And I'll take any chance I can get to have her in my class. 

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Anonymous said...

Just like her Uncle Matt. He took dryer lint one time for show and tell. She's Russell...there is a story in everything.

Love, Mom