Friday, February 15, 2013

New Again Table

Before we left Thailand, we scored a teak table and chairs for just over 100 bucks. It was an awesome price and in good shape, except that the owner had tried to power wash it and so it didn't look so great. But the table itself was gorgeous and had a great story of having been purchased in Indonesia and then brought to Australia, Finland and Thailand.

These last few weeks, it has been slowly sanded and prepared for staining. Dale spent the morning staining it all with a coffee in hand, and the finished product is so stunning. I found myself looking at it all day long, and Dale sat there and soaked up the sun while playing guitar. We finished off the weekend by having dinner outside in the perfect Saudi weather (going on 4 months of perfect weather!) and admired the table and the evening stars.

Something about this new country and new place is making us both feel more settled than we have been in years. I think that is part of the reason we are having such a case of table love. It's also cool that it's the 5th country it's been in. 

We can't even wait until the morning to go outside and drink coffee at the table! 


Cindy said...

I love that you can be outside so much! Looking forward to that...and enjoying the stars again!

Anonymous said...

Great work, sounds like a good place to be both the country and with self. Love Nie Nie