Monday, February 25, 2013

Minnie the Sponge

We have a beautiful memory trunk for Sojo's things, and this girl who is known for hanging on to a lot of things seems to know when something is truly special and needs to be put in the memory box forever. Which leads me to the story of Minnie the sponge. When Sojo was about 3 years old and very, very attached to holding things in her hand, plus suffering from lots and lots of itchy eczema, she used objects to distract her from scratching during school. The squishiness of a sponge was a perfect way to help her with both things, and so Minnie was "born." This is actually Minnie #2 since the first one was used so much it fell apart (she's leaning against the trunk). We added some button eyes, but let me tell you--this was one well-loved friend.

Even a year or so later, I would see her teachers from the Reggio school and they would ask about Minnie. She was that much a part of Sojo's life. I love that they remembered.

Now that we are out of the 'holding everything' stage (I really never thought that stage would end, and it's one more reminder to me to just let kids be who they are until they are ready), it's sweet to think of Minnie and the eternal quirkiness of Sojo that she would have so much love in her heart for a sponge. Minnie went into the memory box today with lots of other treasures to remember.

*And that hair right now--she is growing out her bangs and looks so cute and disheveled at the same time! 

** It just occurred to me that Sojo still has a thing for random sponges. She is forever begging us to buy her sponges and scrub brushes that she finds appealing. Hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I love that child so the moon, beyond and back. Love, Popo