Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mantras and Comfort Zones

I finished my first duathlon this morning--a 3K run, then a 20K bike ride, and topped off with another 3K run (that would be when my legs were nothing but wobbly jello). But, I finished and that was my goal. And, although I finished last, I am as proud as can be because I showed up and finished it. To top if off, I looked pretty darn awesome in my stripey socks!

As I was struggling today (and man, was I ever struggling), I kept saying these words over and over to myself--Live the Life You've Imagined. I found this little plaque in a store one day and realized that those words are my life mantra. It sits on my bedside table as a reminder to keep pushing myself and to keep growing and taking myself out of my comfort zone. 

And so, at 44, I do imagine my life having running races and duathlons and maybe even a sprint triathlon in it. Interestingly, I am not striving to be the winner but instead willing to take the dose of humility to finish when I do. It scares me to death--so much so that I slept only about two hours last night because I was so nervous--but showing up and doing it is where I want to be right now at this point in my life.

I couldn't love these two any more than I do. Dale spray painted their shirts early this morning as a surprise. So cute. My heart is so full. And my legs are TIRED! 

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