Wednesday, February 06, 2013

En Route to the Mall

As we got ready to head to the mall last weekend, I grabbed the camera to document our journey. The city of Hofuf is about 40 minutes away, and while it's not a fancy city, it has plenty of stores in the mall (even a new Bath and Body Works, which I could not believe!).

One of the upsides to wearing an abbaya is that you can basically wear whatever you want underneath. I love the way the material swishes around my legs, so I almost always wear shorts even in our 'winter' now. So, an outfit that might look ridiculous without an abbaya looks just fine underneath, but truth be told, I'd probably wear this outfit in public anyway.

After 40 minutes of sand dotted with camels and Bedouin tents and oil rigs, we arrive in Hofuf. And, as is everywhere in the world, McDonald's greets us. I have seen they have a sandwich called the McArabia, which makes me curious to try it. 

When we first arrived and went to this town, I remember being slightly shocked at how every single house and building was the color of sand. Now that I am more accustomed, I can actually see that these houses are pretty fancy. Most houses in Saudi have separate wings for men and women and separate entrances. 

And then there is the mall. With tons of great stores and a fairly well-stocked grocery, we feel like we can find most everything. Sojo has discovered Herfy burgers and they seem to not cause a reaction, so they are a treat when we go. Funny thing is that she refers to them as "beef burgers," which technically all burgers are, but it sounds kind of strange saying that instead of hamburger. Makes her sound like a kid who is growing up outside of the U.S. Then, it occurred to me that because Muslims don't eat pork, of course they would not call it a hamburger. Either way, she loves her beef burgers. 

Two things of note in this photo--first is that I promise our kid has manners and does not always let beef burgers just hang out of her mouth, although it appears otherwise. Secondly is that it is 10:00 and the mall has been open for about 30 minutes. There is virtually no one there! Saudis tend to do their shopping at night after the last of the daily prayers and for this reason, the malls stay open until midnight or so. I hear they are hopping! 

Camel truck on the way home. I have yet to be able to snap a photo of these full of camels, but I love how whimsically they are painted. 

And the ubiquitous abandoned tires of the Saudi desert. Someone told me the other day that they are referred to as the dolphins of the desert since you see their rounded backs jumping out of the desert ocean. Kind of a stretch, but still...


Anonymous said...

Funfilled and interesting day.

Love, Popo and Gong Gong

Anonymous said...

Beef burger it is! A question is will she want one here? What an interesting day and experience. Love Nie Nie

Anonymous said...

Beef burger it is! A question is will she want one here? What an interesting day and experience. Love Nie Nie