Sunday, February 03, 2013


After our trip to the butterfly garden in Tucson this past December, Sojo drew a beautifully detailed picture. She somewhat willingly gave it to Popo before we left (letting go of artwork is even harder for her than letting go of most things), but Popo was kind enough to take a photo and send it to us. I am so grateful to have this memory of the day with the family and of Sojo's creativity.

All that is going on in that mind of hers is downright amazing.


Anonymous said...

This piece of art if absolutely priceless to me. I have yet to get it framed, but I will. I want to blog about that day and I will. That day at the Butterfly Garden was a priceless day. Well, doggone it...that girl is absolutely priceless herself.

Love, Mom, aka, Popo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to get this beauty framed, Took it in yesterday and will pick it up around the 18th. I see it being proudly displayed in the near future.

Love, Popo