Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Golfing & Sand

After all these months, we finally got ourselves to the driving range with Sojo's new clubs. The best thing about the driving range is that there are garbage cans filled with balls, all for free! Interestingly, I swung better with free balls than when I pay for them. Perhaps less pressure? It's worth mentioning that our entire golf course here is oiled sand. Yes, sand. Our whole life is sand.

Then it was off for some putting and jebel climbing. 

Sojo is spending a lot of her time lately running around in the jebels. This would be why every time I put her to bed, it is filled with sand. And why sand is everywhere I turn. Mind you, this floor photo was after a party with tons of teachers and kids, but it looks close to this most nights when the shoes come off. Like I said, our whole life is sand. Beach living without the water...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good times with sand...the best of times with sand...what's not to love about sand? Some of our best memories with you and your bros are filled with sand.

I know your Dad would even love golfing in the sand.

Love, Mom