Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Sleepover

It was bound to happen. The girl who was sure she would never have a sleepover ("What if I wake up in the night and you are not there??") dove in and did it. There is a good chance it was easier because the sleepover took place in the green space behind our backyard and included a gaggle of rowdy boys and a few parents. Our friend Norma had the Bedouin tent set up with rugs on the floor and tons of space to run around inside.

While the kids wrestled each other and enjoyed tons of random roughhousing, the adults sat by the fire and chatted about life and travels. It was a freezing night, and Dale and I had decided to let Sojo have her first sleepover without us watching over her. Okay, it was also a whole lot warmer in the house. What really happened is that we both got barely any sleep as we fretted all night with thoughts like these: what if she had to pee and didn't know to wake up an adult? what if she peed in her sleeping bag and then felt embarrassed in front of her friends? what if she woke up and shouted out, "mama!" like she does almost every time she wakes up? what if she felt unsafe without us there? A whole night's worth of worry.

This is how we left her before heading in for the night. Snuggled up with all the Angry Bird friends and her best friend. She was in very good hands. 

Needless to say, she had a blast, did not pee the bed, and Dale and I spent our first night of childlessness sleep-deprived instead of enjoying it. Yet another lesson that it's all about letting go, no matter how hard that actually is. 

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