Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Life in the Desert

As we are getting excited to head to Germany and Arizona tomorrow morning, I also realize that I will miss our little space here in the desert. Tonight, I walked out the front door and soaked up the goodness that is our life. Crisp air, Christmas lights in the neighbors' trees, and kids playing soccer in the street. It made me tear up, knowing that in this window of time, my life feels so incredibly content. Unexpected contentment feels even sweeter somehow.

I thought I would share a few more photos of life here. I've been wanting to get a good camel crossing sign as they are cute, and we love camels. Dale pulled over on the highway so I could get out and take a few.

As I was taking photos, I turned around and looked at the car on the side of the highway. This is on the way to the city that is about 35 minutes away, and it definitely shows how there is truly nothing around. 

Sojo got some golf clubs for Christmas, and our backyard is perfect for practicing. She'll be playing on the sand golf course soon! 

Next stop, Germany!

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