Friday, December 21, 2012

Germany, part one

After a really long day of travel, we arrived in Frankfurt last night. We met a super kind young man on the train who helped us not only navigate but carry our luggage. Truly, we tried to pack light this time and were quite impressed with ourselves--that is, until we arrived in Europe and realized we had about 800 times more with us than everyone else! 

Sojo's somewhat desperate wish to see snow came true last night. We watched the rain come down and then turn to snow every now and then. When it became snowy enough, we put our coats over our pajamas and ran downstairs. She was downright giddy. 

We then came back upstairs and she sat by the window, wishing that all that snow would stick and she could make a snowball this morning (note the fingers crossed--toes were also crossed). No such luck, but she's still a happy kid. 

Off to a children's museum and the Christmas markets today. But first things first, I am heading directly to the amazing farmer's market right outside the coffee shop window, complete with bread stands and cheese wagons and huge trucks of meat. Loving every second of Germany so far! 

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Anonymous said...

Loving the blog and FB posts...yay for technology ...see you soon....yay for modern transportation

Love, Mom