Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Glimpse Into the Mall Life

A big part of entertainment in Saudi is going to the mall. I will say we are not hurting at all for shopping here and there are tons of great stores. Finally, after nine years in Asia, I can shop in the country where I am living.

A few interesting and possibly disturbing things about the malls:

1. Each restaurant or coffee shop has a family section and a single male section--each a mirror image of the other but with a wall down the middle. The idea is that single men and women will not even see each other as single females stand in the family section. I am forever forgetting about this rule here and standing in the singles line. Usually, people are cool about it and don't make a big deal as I am wearing the abaya. Only once did a man tell me I was in the wrong line, and he politely pointed to where the women's line was.

2. Let's just say you would be very surprised at how racy the clothes are that you see in the mall. And get a load of these shoes!! Whoa! 

3. Often you see women and children's faces blurred out in ads on the sides of stores. I find it slightly creepy. 

And not found in the mall but in our neighborhood is this mama and daughter. On our way to a softball game one night wearing a favorite hat that Popo gave her last year. 

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