Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Qatar Trip

Last weekend, we took our first road trip here on the Arabian peninsula. It was only three hours to Doha, Qatar, but with literally nothing to see but camels, the drive felt longer. One lovely thing was that when we entered Qatar, the customs agents gave us each a long-stemmed rose for Eid. Great way to enter a country! 

We played in the pool, enjoyed an amazing travelling exhibit at the Islamic museum, and spent some time at a local market/souq. Of course, camels are a part of every experience we have here in the desert, and this was no different. We saw some gorgeous ones getting fancied up for some celebration at the souq. 

On our last weekend of the vacation, we headed to a beach a few hours away to meet up with some friends we worked with in Bangkok. The weather here has now hit a crazy beautiful temperature, and the day was such fun.

And this is how we know we are almost home. Oil burnoffs (is that what they are??) in the desert. It's our landmark, and we hit it right around sunset this time. Even from our backyard, there is a faint orange glow from these. We joke that we are lucky to have a perpetual sunset from our yard. 

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great time, I know you loved the beach. The color looks a little different than Bangkok. Thanks for the pictures Love Nie Nie