Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween here on camp was exactly as I remember it as a child growing up in New York. So incredibly safe, tons of kids running around having fun, and knowing almost all the kids by name who came to get treats--it was nothing short of magic for us. Sojo, the same as every other Halloween, had little interest in trick-or-treating for more than 4 houses. However, she did love getting into her vampire costume. And even better was her good friend leaving this secret note at our house the other night.

how I love early writing! It says, 'sojo, I'm going to be a vampire, too.'

So, the two of them were vampires, she ran around the neighborhood for a few minutes, and then hung out with us on the porch giving out candy until we ran out. 

Our Halloween preparation the night before was nothing short of a comedy of cultural errors. In the past, we have not lived in countries where that beautiful orange carving pumpkin can be found, so we have carved watermelons or painted green, hard-to-carve pumpkins. This year, we decided to fork out 30 US dollars* for a real American pumpkin to give that kid some American tradition! Yea, well...that didn't really work. She hated the whole process (let's be honest--it is rather gross) and basically Dale carved the pumpkin while she watched a movie. It felt weird to force a child to scoop the pumpkin guts out just so she could have the same childhood experience I did. At least she enjoyed The Great Pumpkin, and that is totally a part of American tradition. 

not a staged photo at all! This was her true reaction. Ha! 

* This was the exact same price as a glass of wine on our recent trip to Doha. In hindsight, we should have spent the money on wine. Living in a dry country makes one spend any amount of money for a nice glass of wine. 

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Anonymous said...

I have never really like the gooey gutsy stuff inside a pumpkin either. I always hated it when you kids gave up and I had to finish it...YUK! But, the finished product was always fun. So much fun to see her smiling face in costume with her friend. So glad it had that Greenfields vibe for you. Still wish I could hear the doorbell ring and find her at my door though. I never give up, do I?

Love you all, Mom