Friday, September 21, 2012

School Days

The first day of school has come and gone, but we were without internet for many, many weeks, so some backtracking is in order.

Sojo really wanted to wear her black leggings that have a hole in the knee for the first day of school. We weren't so sure about that. When we delved a bit deeper as to why she wanted those leggings (I was thinking security stuff because she loves to rub her kneecap through the hole), she shared that if she wore those, everyone would know right away that she was a rough-and-tumble girl. Somehow we convinced her the others would still know this about her when they saw her on the playground, and she wore her guitar leggings instead.

Love the Thai 'way' greeting

And for me, well... after 20 years of teaching, I entered the new realm of 4 year olds as the K4 teacher at our school. My own early childhood teacher, Mrs. Foto, was amazing back in the 70's, and I always remember that she wore these awesome red clogs. I had a pair made this summer and wore them on the first day of school to channel her spirit. If I can be a fraction of what she was, I'll be just fine.


Anonymous said...

So nice to be back hearing about the daily life in your household. Give that rough and tumble girl of yours a
hug. Love, Mom

Martha said...

Love the clogs. Reminds me of my first day of school when I was hiding my head in my mom's side until I saw my new teacher, Miss Dixie Souder's beautiful toes. Then I knew everything was going to be fine.