Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Tooth

Just yesterday, a wobbly tooth was found, and the joy that came from that discovery was all we talked about last night! And then today, after lots of wiggling it around (and so many trips to the mirror to check it out), out it came. Good thing she and Popo made a special tooth box this summer in preparation of this day. That tiny bottom tooth is under the pillow as I write this, positioned right in the middle of her head, just waiting for some Saudi riyals to spend.

Today was one of those parent moments that took me by surprise. Of course, I thought I'd be thrilled when she lost a tooth, but the profundity of it all rocked me in the coolest way. I love watching her grow up and watching her be so proud of her big-girl accomplishments. 

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Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing. A wee tear filled my eyes as I thought about how quickly she has grown. Yet, I also felt this wave of joy in knowing she is growing into such a wonderful little person. And there was a wee bit of joy in reflecting back on the day that she and I decorated her tooth box. Actually, she did all the decorating...I just provide the tools. What a glittery project it was. Yeah for growing up and changing and growing and changing. Love, Mom, aka, Popo