Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Life of Juxtaposition

We are living a life of juxtaposition here in the Arabian desert. Plenty of grass and trees in our backyard with rippled sand dunes just beyond the green. Me in shorts and a t-shirt on the playground one night chatting with a mom who was fully veiled. Traditional musicians performing at an Eid celebration when a random group of Disney-esque characters walk in.
me in my abaya with a pop of color

Living here is so very different than anything I've ever experienced, and I am trying to soak up as much as I can in a country where I see only the eyes of half the population. People are open and interested and accepting of me when I am out and about, and I have felt welcome from the moment we arrived in the airport.  The shock of seeing all Saudi women fully veiled is still with me, but I am getting accustomed to it and discovering that there is a lot behind the veil.

exhibit A on the Disney/traditional music combo

camel ride for Eid

the putting "green" with a jebel in the background

More than anything, we all love the camels. Well, the food is pretty yummy, but we really love the camels! Watching them plod along single file against the starkness of the desert is pretty magical. One day we were lucky to happen upon a pen of baby camels in a nearby city, and I can tell already that I will have to control myself from taking a gazillion camel shots.

More blog posts to come as we settle in and explore a bit!


Melissa said...

Love the camel shots! Keep them coming. Hope you are loving you guys are loving your new adventure! xoxo

Diana said...

Sounds so different and exciting! Thanks for the update. :)

Nikki said...

I love reading your posts Tara. What an experience it must be living in Saudi Arabia. I am really missing the expat life, so I really enjoy watching you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I love the camels too. Especially, the one with the little girl on it. And, those baby ones. I want to pet them. But hey, it's that little girl on the camel that I want to see more pics of as she is out and about in your new home. Love, Mom

Jen Y. said...

Tara this is such a timely post, I needed this Ethridge family infusion! Am missing you guys lots here in BKK and am glad to hear that you guys are doing well and adjusting to life in the desert.