Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer of 2012

Somehow the summer has already come and gone without a single blog post. Seems a top 10 of 2012 is in order to sum up all the goodness. We were in both Tucson and Seattle, so we'll split it!

1. An escape from the Tucson heat up to our nearby Mt. Lemmon. We had a great day with all the family, cool weather and Sojo's first foray into creek wading. The whole day was a hit.

2. From sunny Tucson to chilly Seattle, we rented a house this summer in Edmonds. Beach visits were easy, albeit freezing for the first week or so. 

3. Desert mornings are near perfect, even in the summer. Many a morning was spent outside soaking up  the early morning sun with popo and gong gong, always with a side of bacon. 

4. We missed our house in Port Townsend this summer, so we made a few trips to visit our favorite places and eat our favorite foods. First stop was the farmer's market for some danish bites, and then all was right in the world. 

5. We hit a few baseball games this summer as Tucson has a triple A team called the Padres. It's been years since I've been to one, and it was a blast. Just about anything in Tucson is manageable, and the games were no exception. Plus, it's a great excuse to eat nachos. 

6. Nie Nie and Sojo spent some quality time i-Padding together this summer. Sojo is a bit of a fiend on the iPad, but Nie Nie helped us find some great new games. I swear these two spent about 90 minutes on the couch helping each other with games. It was super cute to see. 

7. Popo spoiled Sojo with making all her favorite foods. And for some reason, Sojo got really into having food delivered to her bed. Popo obliged one day, which made for one happy kid. 

8. Cousin time was probably the highlight of Sojo's summer. She and her cousin Josiah are only a few months apart, and something about their ages this summer just clicked. They had an absolute blast together and were inseparable. 

9. My mom rescued a desert tortoise from crossing the road and brought it to our backyard for a few days. Our forever-searching-for-a-pet daughter was to the moon with this new friend, carefully feeding him cactus fruit with tongs. He only stayed a few days, but he certainly ate well while he was with us. 

10. Lastly, we said goodbye to our groovy yellow van. It's been with us for a while now but just isn't the car we need at this point in our lives. Sigh. I just felt cooler owning a yellow VW van. One last Sojo in the driver's seat photo for old time's sake. 

I can barely handle the cuteness through the years. 

Whew. Goodbye, summer of 2012. We miss you, sweet families. Off to the Arabian desert for the next leg of the family adventure...