Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Then and Now

Thailand is really all Sojo knows. As we prepare to move very far away from what she knows, there are moments when that feels a bit heavy on the heart.

Recently, she's been wanting to spend a lot of time at the school playground, which happens to be the one she adored when she was little. Her big surprise to us the other day was that she is now able to run across the 'mushrooms.' What she failed to mention was that she can run across them at lightning speed. I swear at the start of PreK she always asked for my hand when she jumped from one to the other.

It has been a joy watching her grow up in the tropics, where every day is a playground day.  Can you believe this is how tiny she was when we first arrived?

oh, those cheeks!
And this one from last weekend. Airborne!


Popo said...

There are tears running down my face. How quickly she has grown. I feel like I have watched her in fast forward. I can only imagine how it feels to you. How precious, how beautiful, how fun, how amazing...goodness ... I love that little one...can't wait to get my arms around her and kiss those little cheeks.

Popo said...

Ditto on "oh those cheeks".