Monday, May 21, 2012


To say Dale loves Shakespeare in an understatement. He is a master of Shakespeare, and he has a way of making everyone love the Bard. I had the pleasure of reading Hamlet with him when I was 30 years old, and I finally understood the beauty of Shakespeare's work.

Dale has been doing drama this year while another teacher is on sabbatical. His middle school play was called Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark, and it was performed last week. Lots of traditional Shakespeare with some awesome brain-eating zombies thrown in. Dale put his own twists on it by having a Thriller dance and a gorgeous mash-up of Shakespeare that he wrote as a prelude to the show. We were so proud of him, and the kids did an amazing job. 

Sojo has been a big zombie fan for a while now as it seems to be the PreK playground game du jour, so the play was a hit for her as well. She somehow got the jokes and wasn't phased by the Shakespearean language. I was cracking up the next morning when she was remembering her favorite parts of the play by saying, "Remember when Polonius said..."

Oh, girl, if you only knew how much Shakespeare is in your future.


popo said...

Catching up on your blog on way to Pgh Airport via cellphone...loved catching up...three Weeks and we can really catch u

Anonymous said...

love the pics, looking forward to seeing the dvd of the play! Nie Nie