Saturday, May 26, 2012


So very proud of our insightful and sweet girl. She knew that having a goodbye party was the best thing to do for herself, so we planned a proper Angry Birds themed party last Sunday. There were slingshots to be slung, iPads to be played, and pictures to be drawn, all centered around those cute Angry Birds. I even pulled out all the stops and somehow managed to make some Angry Birds cookies that met every single allergy in the group (it was quite a feat!).

The coolest part, from my mama point of view, was the poster everyone signed with messages and their names. We are going to pack it in our suitcase as something to put up on her bedroom wall in Saudi when we first arrive.

Sojo's favorite part was lighting the sparkler candle. A bit of background on this is that she went to a party where someone had one of these and really wanted one for her 6th birthday. We got one and had planned to send it in the shipment, but then I realized that shipping fireworks is completely forbidden, so we used it at the goodbye party. It was a hit--a smelly hit, but a hit nonetheless.


Popo said...

What a happy send off to one very special girl. Made me tear up....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the party was a hit! What a great way to take friendships with her to Saudi. I still have mine from my retirement party! Nie Nie