Sunday, May 06, 2012

Family Fun

We are soaking up all the goodness Thailand has to offer in our last weeks here. Last weekend, we paired one of my favorites with one of Sojo's favorites. I love this little restaurant downtown that is tucked onto a side street. When you enter the gate, it is filled with tropical plants and gorgeous Thai aesthetics, and I love the combination of dark teak wood with cobalt blue pillows. I took a personal day the other day and went back here to lounge outside on the pillows, drink coffee and write in my journal.

Then it was off to Funarium, the indoor play area extravaganza for Sojo. Not only does it have great slides and scooters and an art area, but they have rice noodle soup, a favorite of hers. I adore, adore, adore how much she loves noodles. As a mama, I need to start figuring out how to make all this Asian food she loves so much. She's a noodle slurper, for sure!

Duly noted that there is not a favorite of Dale's from last weekend. He tells me it's ok because he loves when his girls get their favorites. He's a nice guy like that.

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Popo said...

Don't ya love a guy who loves things just because his girls love them? That's my kind of man.