Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Years Together

5 years together. Wild how time just keeps on ticking, adding joy to our lives. When Sojo crashed last night*, we noticed she fell asleep almost exactly like she did that first night we were together.

I love moments where you notice that, amidst so many changes over the years, some things remain the same.

Tonight we had her laughing hysterically at stories from when we first became a family. Stories like when she projectile vomited all over me like a fire hose and when she always pooped right when the plane was going to take off and wouldn't stop crying until her diaper was changed.

In Sojo's cute words, "We are going to have 10 hundred more years together!" Cheers to that!

*On a sleep note, this lovely child has finally (and I mean finally!) begun sleeping through the night. We're at about 4 weeks of almost every night of continued sleep. My alarm clock going off after a full night's rest is still a shock, but a welcome shock.


Popo and Gong Gong said...

Oh my goodness...what wonderful words and pics to share with all. What a blessing that little one has been and will be for a gazillion years to come for all of us. What a to all.

Anonymous said...

Great that she is sleeping through the nite, love the memories! See you soon, Love Nie Nie