Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Degrees of Separation

Overseas, we often say that the normal 6 degrees of separation turns to 3 degrees. It seems everyone knows everyone, or at least knows someone you knew at a different school. It's pretty darn cool, and it makes the world feel smaller than it truly is.

Case in point: a few weeks ago, our friend Akiko came up to us at lunch and said, " boyfriend knows this girl from college who is here visiting, and she says she knows you guys." Akiko didn't know much more, so we started going through the countries we lived in and we hit on the connection being Venezuela. As Akiko is quite a bit younger than us, Dale and I both looked at each other and shouted, "Yuki!!!!" Jackpot!

Yuki was this amazing senior girl in Venezuela, and one of Dale's students, who had both of us in complete awe. Not only was she kind and smart, but she was involved in everything. She was the valedictorian of her class, and her speech was done in four languages. Yes, you read that right--FOUR! (Japanese, English, Spanish and French for those who are curious). For all these years, she has remained our example of how beautiful and how global an international child can be.

Before we knew it, she was at our door, some 15 years later, at our dinner table catching us up on her life in New York City. Not sure how this happened, but she is 30 now, and still as amazing and lovely as ever. Of course, we gushed a bit to her about how she has been our inspiration all these years for raising a kid overseas, and Sojo connected with her as she does tend to do with fabulous people.

And, as if she wasn't cool enough already, she told us that she is a huge fan of our blog, and that she has her whole office in New York hooked on it.  Hello, hedge fund friends in NYC!

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing what our students do! What a great inspiration! Nie Nie