Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Years Together

5 years together. Wild how time just keeps on ticking, adding joy to our lives. When Sojo crashed last night*, we noticed she fell asleep almost exactly like she did that first night we were together.

I love moments where you notice that, amidst so many changes over the years, some things remain the same.

Tonight we had her laughing hysterically at stories from when we first became a family. Stories like when she projectile vomited all over me like a fire hose and when she always pooped right when the plane was going to take off and wouldn't stop crying until her diaper was changed.

In Sojo's cute words, "We are going to have 10 hundred more years together!" Cheers to that!

*On a sleep note, this lovely child has finally (and I mean finally!) begun sleeping through the night. We're at about 4 weeks of almost every night of continued sleep. My alarm clock going off after a full night's rest is still a shock, but a welcome shock.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


So very proud of our insightful and sweet girl. She knew that having a goodbye party was the best thing to do for herself, so we planned a proper Angry Birds themed party last Sunday. There were slingshots to be slung, iPads to be played, and pictures to be drawn, all centered around those cute Angry Birds. I even pulled out all the stops and somehow managed to make some Angry Birds cookies that met every single allergy in the group (it was quite a feat!).

The coolest part, from my mama point of view, was the poster everyone signed with messages and their names. We are going to pack it in our suitcase as something to put up on her bedroom wall in Saudi when we first arrive.

Sojo's favorite part was lighting the sparkler candle. A bit of background on this is that she went to a party where someone had one of these and really wanted one for her 6th birthday. We got one and had planned to send it in the shipment, but then I realized that shipping fireworks is completely forbidden, so we used it at the goodbye party. It was a hit--a smelly hit, but a hit nonetheless.

Monday, May 21, 2012


To say Dale loves Shakespeare in an understatement. He is a master of Shakespeare, and he has a way of making everyone love the Bard. I had the pleasure of reading Hamlet with him when I was 30 years old, and I finally understood the beauty of Shakespeare's work.

Dale has been doing drama this year while another teacher is on sabbatical. His middle school play was called Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark, and it was performed last week. Lots of traditional Shakespeare with some awesome brain-eating zombies thrown in. Dale put his own twists on it by having a Thriller dance and a gorgeous mash-up of Shakespeare that he wrote as a prelude to the show. We were so proud of him, and the kids did an amazing job. 

Sojo has been a big zombie fan for a while now as it seems to be the PreK playground game du jour, so the play was a hit for her as well. She somehow got the jokes and wasn't phased by the Shakespearean language. I was cracking up the next morning when she was remembering her favorite parts of the play by saying, "Remember when Polonius said..."

Oh, girl, if you only knew how much Shakespeare is in your future.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Degrees of Separation

Overseas, we often say that the normal 6 degrees of separation turns to 3 degrees. It seems everyone knows everyone, or at least knows someone you knew at a different school. It's pretty darn cool, and it makes the world feel smaller than it truly is.

Case in point: a few weeks ago, our friend Akiko came up to us at lunch and said, " boyfriend knows this girl from college who is here visiting, and she says she knows you guys." Akiko didn't know much more, so we started going through the countries we lived in and we hit on the connection being Venezuela. As Akiko is quite a bit younger than us, Dale and I both looked at each other and shouted, "Yuki!!!!" Jackpot!

Yuki was this amazing senior girl in Venezuela, and one of Dale's students, who had both of us in complete awe. Not only was she kind and smart, but she was involved in everything. She was the valedictorian of her class, and her speech was done in four languages. Yes, you read that right--FOUR! (Japanese, English, Spanish and French for those who are curious). For all these years, she has remained our example of how beautiful and how global an international child can be.

Before we knew it, she was at our door, some 15 years later, at our dinner table catching us up on her life in New York City. Not sure how this happened, but she is 30 now, and still as amazing and lovely as ever. Of course, we gushed a bit to her about how she has been our inspiration all these years for raising a kid overseas, and Sojo connected with her as she does tend to do with fabulous people.

And, as if she wasn't cool enough already, she told us that she is a huge fan of our blog, and that she has her whole office in New York hooked on it.  Hello, hedge fund friends in NYC!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yellow Joy

Dale's yellow 80's sunglasses

Yellow and orange head scarf

Getting ready to toodle off in the sunshine mobile

with a lemon soda in hand.

All that yellow is nothing but joy for me. And I do love a golf cart lifestyle. Did I mention that our new home is also a golf cart community? More joy!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Then and Now

Thailand is really all Sojo knows. As we prepare to move very far away from what she knows, there are moments when that feels a bit heavy on the heart.

Recently, she's been wanting to spend a lot of time at the school playground, which happens to be the one she adored when she was little. Her big surprise to us the other day was that she is now able to run across the 'mushrooms.' What she failed to mention was that she can run across them at lightning speed. I swear at the start of PreK she always asked for my hand when she jumped from one to the other.

It has been a joy watching her grow up in the tropics, where every day is a playground day.  Can you believe this is how tiny she was when we first arrived?

oh, those cheeks!
And this one from last weekend. Airborne!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Family Fun

We are soaking up all the goodness Thailand has to offer in our last weeks here. Last weekend, we paired one of my favorites with one of Sojo's favorites. I love this little restaurant downtown that is tucked onto a side street. When you enter the gate, it is filled with tropical plants and gorgeous Thai aesthetics, and I love the combination of dark teak wood with cobalt blue pillows. I took a personal day the other day and went back here to lounge outside on the pillows, drink coffee and write in my journal.

Then it was off to Funarium, the indoor play area extravaganza for Sojo. Not only does it have great slides and scooters and an art area, but they have rice noodle soup, a favorite of hers. I adore, adore, adore how much she loves noodles. As a mama, I need to start figuring out how to make all this Asian food she loves so much. She's a noodle slurper, for sure!

Duly noted that there is not a favorite of Dale's from last weekend. He tells me it's ok because he loves when his girls get their favorites. He's a nice guy like that.