Monday, April 09, 2012

The Wide World Calls...

We are nearing the end of our fourth year in Thailand, and I can hardly believe that we have been in Asia for nine years now. Which is why a while back, when a great opportunity arose for us to move and teach in a tiny school in Saudi Arabia next year, we thought long and hard but decided to take the leap. The Middle East is a part of the world that has been calling us for a while now--it feels like a missing piece in our world journey. Both Dale and I have a desire to understand the Arab culture and to travel and experience life there. We feel lucky that we have friends at our new school, friends that lived in Bangkok as well and have two beautiful girls who are like Sojo's big sisters. Lucky that both of us are content homebodies who don't mind being isolated in the middle of the Arabian desert (we look at it as more guitar and reading time!).

As is the law in Saudi, outside of our compound I will have to wear an abbaya (but no head scarf). Being that we have a section of Bangkok that is Arabian, I headed down there with a friend to see if I could find an abbaya here. It is not required to wear one in the airport when you arrive for the first time, but I am not a fan of being the obvious foreigner who is not following custom, so I bought one just in case.

And the strangest thing happened. Well, besides the fact that copious amounts of sweat started to pour from my body immediately when polyster coupled with the Bangkok heat. To my utter surprise, I thought it looked pretty. Exotic, even.

We'll be soaking up all the loveliness of Thailand in the next two months, but we are all super excited for the next leg of the adventure.

CC Image by CharlesFred


Dyann said...

It does look very exotic! If anyone can pull off the look, it's you. :) I'm sure that many new adventures await. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

You certainly do look pretty, my dear daughter. Filled with wanderlust, off you go again. I still remember a little girl who got homesick and couldn't spend the night at a girlfriend's until she was nearly in her teens. Over compensating now, are we? Just kidding. Your distant travels always open an interesting door for us as we live vicariously through you with a visit. Bon Voyage, once more.

Anonymous said...

Can you find one in cotton?Nie Nie