Monday, April 16, 2012


Huge empty space of cardboard.
Notebook filled with Angry Birds drawings and designs.
Passion for Angry Birds transferred to cardboard outer space theme.

This is what I wish we did more of in schools. So much learning and passion and creativity.

Beach bound this morning to Sojo's favorite hotel on the planet, complete with water slides and a big bucket that fills up with water only to pour out all over the bystanders. Good times!


Dyann said...

I'll have to try angry birds sometime. Everyone seems so passionate about it.

Giant pieces of cardboard are the best, aren't they? Tabula rasa.
P'u, the uncarved block. Love it.

Anonymous said...

ok, now, I know why I may not be getting through to you--vacation! I hope you are having a great time. Please don't post this. Just trying to make contact
Love Nie NIew
Headed back to the hospital to sit with Pat

Popo said...

So artistic. Can't wait to have her here drawing up a storm.