Friday, April 13, 2012

Eco Adventure in Bangkok

A while back, we headed out on an in-town adventure to what is called the Green Lung of Bangkok, to the Bangkok Treehouse hotel. While not truly staying in a treehouse (more like a very tall, posh hotel room), it was a fun getaway for us all. Sojo brought her scooter and proceeded to scoot around the pathways and the outdoor dining area.

On our way to the hotel. Strange thing is that it is quite the fancy place but you have to go through some not very fancy places to get there.

The stairs were so steep to get to the bedroom. While sleeping that night, I was crossing my fingers that Sojo did not have to go to the bathroom as I wasn't sure how I was going to navigate the stairs half asleep.

gorgeous area on top of the hotel to look out at the world. Filled with the Thai touches that make everything beautiful.

The steep stairs were the perfect excuse to lower down all our luggage. Of course, this was a much more fun way to get the cookies.

Glass everywhere in the hotel to make you feel one with nature. Even in the bathroom. Only bummer part is that the river the hotel is located on is so polluted that when the tide came in, we watched gobs of garbage through the glass floors. Ugh.

On our way over to the island on a ferry. Sojo had just received a conical hat for international day from a parent and thought it was the perfect hat for our adventure trip.

Definitely a fun one-night trip for us!

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