Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 Days in Kid Paradise

This long-awaited spring break was our last in Thailand, so we left it up to Sojo to decide where we would go. Not surprising to us, Sojo chose what she calls the "water bucket hotel." It is a veritable kid paradise filled with water slides for every age, salt water pools that are just the right depth for little ones and a kids club filled with fun.
As we have been going to this hotel for three years now, it has been pretty cool to watch her grow into certain activities. This time, she did the medium water slides alone and ventured onto the huge, scary ones together with me. But, her biggest feat was jumping off the cliff into the water. Like it was no big deal. Trust me, I tried it, and it was a bit scary.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Huge empty space of cardboard.
Notebook filled with Angry Birds drawings and designs.
Passion for Angry Birds transferred to cardboard outer space theme.

This is what I wish we did more of in schools. So much learning and passion and creativity.

Beach bound this morning to Sojo's favorite hotel on the planet, complete with water slides and a big bucket that fills up with water only to pour out all over the bystanders. Good times!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Eco Adventure in Bangkok

A while back, we headed out on an in-town adventure to what is called the Green Lung of Bangkok, to the Bangkok Treehouse hotel. While not truly staying in a treehouse (more like a very tall, posh hotel room), it was a fun getaway for us all. Sojo brought her scooter and proceeded to scoot around the pathways and the outdoor dining area.

On our way to the hotel. Strange thing is that it is quite the fancy place but you have to go through some not very fancy places to get there.

The stairs were so steep to get to the bedroom. While sleeping that night, I was crossing my fingers that Sojo did not have to go to the bathroom as I wasn't sure how I was going to navigate the stairs half asleep.

gorgeous area on top of the hotel to look out at the world. Filled with the Thai touches that make everything beautiful.

The steep stairs were the perfect excuse to lower down all our luggage. Of course, this was a much more fun way to get the cookies.

Glass everywhere in the hotel to make you feel one with nature. Even in the bathroom. Only bummer part is that the river the hotel is located on is so polluted that when the tide came in, we watched gobs of garbage through the glass floors. Ugh.

On our way over to the island on a ferry. Sojo had just received a conical hat for international day from a parent and thought it was the perfect hat for our adventure trip.

Definitely a fun one-night trip for us!

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Wide World Calls...

We are nearing the end of our fourth year in Thailand, and I can hardly believe that we have been in Asia for nine years now. Which is why a while back, when a great opportunity arose for us to move and teach in a tiny school in Saudi Arabia next year, we thought long and hard but decided to take the leap. The Middle East is a part of the world that has been calling us for a while now--it feels like a missing piece in our world journey. Both Dale and I have a desire to understand the Arab culture and to travel and experience life there. We feel lucky that we have friends at our new school, friends that lived in Bangkok as well and have two beautiful girls who are like Sojo's big sisters. Lucky that both of us are content homebodies who don't mind being isolated in the middle of the Arabian desert (we look at it as more guitar and reading time!).

As is the law in Saudi, outside of our compound I will have to wear an abbaya (but no head scarf). Being that we have a section of Bangkok that is Arabian, I headed down there with a friend to see if I could find an abbaya here. It is not required to wear one in the airport when you arrive for the first time, but I am not a fan of being the obvious foreigner who is not following custom, so I bought one just in case.

And the strangest thing happened. Well, besides the fact that copious amounts of sweat started to pour from my body immediately when polyster coupled with the Bangkok heat. To my utter surprise, I thought it looked pretty. Exotic, even.

We'll be soaking up all the loveliness of Thailand in the next two months, but we are all super excited for the next leg of the adventure.

CC Image by CharlesFred