Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Angry Birds All the Time

There has been a bit of a fixation on Angry Birds in this house for some time now. Sojo loves it, and when we read that a new Angry Birds in Space was being released, she went a bit nuts! In anticipation of the big day, we downloaded a free magazine telling us all about the new characters as well as videos of real astronauts talking about trajectories and all that good stuff.

The release date went onto the calendar and the countdown began. We downloaded the new game on Thursday night and left the iPad by her bed as a nice morning surprise. Lucky for her, Friday was a day off for parent conferences, so she had plenty of time to master the newest Angry Birds.

An interesting sidenote is that during Sojo's parent conference, there was a theme of Angry Birds. The book she chose to add to her portfolio was a book about Angry Birds, the family picture she drew was all of us plus an Angry Bird, and the clay art project she made was an Angry Bird. Like I said, it's a fixation.


Popo said...

She's a hoot, that girl is. Give her a smooch from me.

Anonymous said...

When we skype and she was in school, she was wearing an angry birds t-shirt for the day when she could choose what to wear! I agree! Love NieNie