Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Angry Birds All the Time

There has been a bit of a fixation on Angry Birds in this house for some time now. Sojo loves it, and when we read that a new Angry Birds in Space was being released, she went a bit nuts! In anticipation of the big day, we downloaded a free magazine telling us all about the new characters as well as videos of real astronauts talking about trajectories and all that good stuff.

The release date went onto the calendar and the countdown began. We downloaded the new game on Thursday night and left the iPad by her bed as a nice morning surprise. Lucky for her, Friday was a day off for parent conferences, so she had plenty of time to master the newest Angry Birds.

An interesting sidenote is that during Sojo's parent conference, there was a theme of Angry Birds. The book she chose to add to her portfolio was a book about Angry Birds, the family picture she drew was all of us plus an Angry Bird, and the clay art project she made was an Angry Bird. Like I said, it's a fixation.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fire Station Fun

Sojo's class went on their first field trip the other day. Neither Dale nor I could go, but we heard all about it from the kids and the parents. Crazy, fun, dangerous things that could only fly overseas. Not only did they get the squirt the water hose, but they actually got to put out a fire. A real fire that the fireman created by throwing accelerant on the ground and lighting it on fire. Whoa. We are not in Kansas anymore. One friend thought her child was making it up, but, nope, that was the real deal. I'm sure it was the most fun field trip EVER because they got to do cool things like that. Probably best we didn't go after all.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Race Day

Each year, our school holds a fundraiser race for all ages groups. Sojo attended years ago and really wanted to participate again this year. As usual, she cracked me up. It's a race, right? And she is just jogging along with this HUGE smile on her face, in absolutely no hurry whatsoever while all these other kids her age are huffing and puffing. At one point, she slowed down so much that I jumped on the track and gave her a little encouragement (read: a push!) to get her going again.

As we sat admiring her new ribbon afterwards, we debriefed. It went like this:

Tara: Wow. That was some race. So, was that race hard or easy for you, Sojo?

Sojo: Oh, it was easy. You know, I really am a running girl.

Tara: Yea, I know. So why did you stop running then?

Sojo: I didn't stop running. I just changed to a really slow jog.

Seriously, she slays me.