Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reading Corners

Sojo has never been the kind of kid who can sit down and just browse through books. She always, always prefers to have someone read to her and be with her, even after intense modeling from her library mama of how to just sit and read! However, she is starting to take some time at night by herself to read. (note that I fully realize this is a ploy to avoid bedtime, but I want the reading behavior so badly that I choose to ignore that). Listening to her read her favorite stories makes me want to run into the room, but I try and control myself and let her have some time alone.

She also made a reading corner in her room, complete with her red basket of the super favorite books. The care and time it took to put this all together was precious to watch. She added the tiny jar of calendula lotion in case she gets itchy and because it smells nice. Perfect. Neat. A reading mama's dream.

Until she spent the next ten minutes rearranging things because books in a pile are better than in a basket, according to her. Sigh.

And an extra photo of my favorite peeps. To make up for all the non-blogging of late.

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popo said...

I was going to mention something about that non-blogging thing. I get real lonely here in Tucson without a story and picture of some special little girl on the other end of the world. Bring 'em on Mama.