Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hot Wheels

A certain someone's legs keep growing like weeds, so she was in need of some new wheels. Dale and Sojo went out and chose the bike together, a Hot Wheels brand (Dale has somewhat of an obsession with Hot Wheels) complete with a handle that revs like a motorbike and a fan in the front. Still not sure why there is a fan, but it looks cool.

More and more, it is getting hard to remember Sojo as a tiny person with those super short legs. She is so independent and big now, as evidenced by a million things she does. Proof positive was this morning when she decided she wanted to ride in the van on the way to school instead of with us in the golf cart. Who knows how long that will last, but Dale mentioned that putting her in the van felt like sending her to college.

All part of the journey...


Anonymous said...

Pretty special bike! Sounds like Miss Independence. I understand Dale's comment. Love Nie Nie

popo said...

Pretty snazzy there Sojo!