Friday, January 06, 2012

Beach Time

Dale's mom is here visiting us, and while she and Dale took off to see Angkor Wat for a few days last week, that left us with more time to play during our last week of vacation. We headed to a nearby beach called Rayong and stayed in a glorious condo for three nights. This is our new thing to do when we travel with more than just us--it provides so much more quality time than two separate hotel rooms.

We frolicked in the absolutely perfect ocean and pool temperature, we soaked up the ocean breeze, drank wine as the sun went down and were pretty darned relaxed. It was the perfect way to end the vacation.

Or it was the perfect start to the year 2012, depending how you look at it.

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful time watching as the three of you played in the surf and sand! Remember the water filling up the mote and the time in the pool and the condo. Good memories--Thank You! Love Nie Nie