Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gather 'Round

Guess who got her own red ukelele? It's the perfect size, the perfect color, and oh, how gorgeous it looks hung on the turquoise wall. She's been plucking away on it, and Dale is teaching her some songs.

The other night, she was downstairs and called up to us, "Come on guys, gather round the Christmas tree!" We turned the corner to find that she had placed three stools around the tree. If that wasn't adorable enough, she then proceeded to serenade us with Jingle Bells on the ukelele. Oh, it was cute. So very cute. This girl has such spunk. No worries, mom. Video is next.

One more Christmas story to never forget...Last night in bed, she called out, "Is Santa friends with God?" I know exactly her thought process--she's been puzzled about these important people who can see her when she doesn't see them. I get that. It is a little bit freaky.


popo said...

Can't wait to see the video. I love that she is really into Christmas this year. I see the "gather round" as a tradition in the making.

Freaky? Not really...because God lives within her and that's why He knows. Santa? Well, he is a friend of God's and that spirit of friendship and love lives in her too. It is the joy that Christmas brings to all. Golly...I love that child...her spirit lives in me.

popo said...

I want to gather round too and hear her sing.